What is Sample Manager, Thermo Fisher's LIMS Solution?

Sample Manager is a laboratory platform that Manages all activities. It integrates instruments and systems and Promotes greater operating efficiency. Sample Manager is the most complete, robust and flexible LIMS in the market. In addition to InterCanada experience, he guarantees:

Productivity gain by processing more samples in less time and with less errors.
Paperless processes: paper and Excel controls elimination.
Security and mobility: Access to LIMS from anywhere, anytime via the cloud or locally.

What does SampleManager LIMS offer?

Facilitates laboratory compliance with regulations to be Followed - such as ISO 17025 and FDA.
Allows inventory for reagents control, helping staff to optimize the use of reagents (decrease cost of lab operation).
Issues alerts According to user-defined critical points, such as; Instrument calibration and maintenance, reagents expiration and staff training expiration.
Integrates the lab data with other systems used in the laboratory and outside the lab.
Processes automation, workflow and execution system control for SOP's.

4.0 and IoT

Management View

(ISO and FDA)

Process Automation and Paperless



How can InterCanada support you?

InterCanada Enables you to get the most of your Sample Manager LIMS, through methodologies and implementation experience Performed by highly qualified consultants.
Implementation Methodologies as per your needs
Have you ever imagined having the best software in the world and a project specific to your needs? So that, InterCanada has Appropriate methodologies Internationally Recognized for each client. Our customer are always in first place!


Happy customer is a customer who knows what he owns. This is our goal. InterCanada has levels of training for immersion, professional development, and even capabilities based on our clients' business rule. Contact us to know more.


InterCanada has different levels of support for customers who have specific needs in Their labs, as well as assisting in upgrading versions for SampleManager and Nautilus LIMS - Thermo Fisher.


InterCanada has a range of services Aimed at serving the world of Thermo Fisher LIMS customers. With highly specialized professionals with industry-specific knowledge, we can serve you on a variety of services, such as consultancy, process development, roll-outs, resource allocation and others.

Na prática, o que você e o seu laboratório tem a ganhar?

Com experiência de mercado, a Interfusão auxilia na definição dos requisitos e escopo de um projeto LIMS, garantindo uma implantação sem surpresas, dentro do prazo e do orçamento determinado. O nosso objetivo é garantir risco zero e um rápido retorno de investimento.

Mais produtividade e qualidade no trabalho com a redução no tempo de entrega de tarefas variadas.
Diminuição de erros.
Melhora no processo de tomada de decisão no negócio.
Redução dos custos operacionais.
Melhorias qualitativas no atendimento.
Alinhamento prático com os requisitos e normas regulatórios.
Mais velocidade na confecção de relatórios e preparo de auditorias.
Certificação ISO17025 e aumento de credibilidade da empresa.

What immediate gains can you have?

Optimize the time at your laboratory:


Preparing documents


Searching for Information




Saving time spent on audits


Savings with time spent on data transcription

Fast Return of Investment   |    Projects with Zero Risk!

What our customers say about us

Process Optimization, adherence to quality standards (ISO 17025), elimination of spreadsheets and printed paper through automatic integration of instrument results.

Reduced maintenance time and cost savings through sample and result management, performance gain plus 75%.

Process Optimization, adherence to quality standards (ISO 17025), elimination of spreadsheets and printed paper through automatic integration of instrument results.

Contact and how to deploy the Sample Manager on your Lab

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Address: 40 King Street West, Suite 5800, Toronto-ON, M5H 3S1, Canada.