The Brazilian National Petroleum Agency produces 200,000 samples per year that generate a lot of results records from all the gas stations and distributors that require utmost care and organization. After the implementation of the LIMS system in yours laboratories, ANP had gains in online monitoring of analysis results and has automatic control for all out of specifications. All these results can be check by the brazilians at ANP's web site.

Bristol-Myers Squibb has brought the need to stop using antiquated systems (mainframe and DOS) and to stop developing local features such as test data and products, specific calculations, label templates and reports, as well as an interface with their CRM system . After implementing the LIMS at their lab with the help of Interfusão, the company had gain a significant reduction in maintenance costs, data visualization and data generation optimized through management of samples and results, as well as improved performance considerably.

Servier produces 8000 samples per year. Before using a LIMS system, the company used to do manually all the results entry, manage stability studies through hundreds of spreadsheets in MS Excel and notebooks ( logbooks ) notes and records. After partnering with Interfusão for the implementation of LIMS at theirs laboratory, the company had gains in optimization and adherence to quality standards (ISO 17025), eliminated spreadsheets, notebooks and printed paper, and integrated automatically the results of its instruments.

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